Winter Sports

Wisconsin’s cold, snowy winters provide warm hospitality for winter sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers. Here are just a few of the quintessential events that embrace our winter ice and powder.

Book Across the Bay

Candles, ice luminaries and the glow of the moon and stars in the winter sky light this trek across the frozen waters of Lake Superior. Welcoming skiers and snowshoers of all ages and skill levels, this point-to-point race from Ashland to Washburn is truly the most unique winter event around.

American Birkebeiner

Each February, some of Wisconsin’s most scenic north woods are blanketed with racers pushing their bodies to the limit as they stride across the snow-covered terrain from Cable to Hayward. Thousands of the world’s best cross country skiers from across the globe travel northern Wisconsin to partake in North America’s largest and most prestigious cross country ski marathon.

AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby

Over 25,000 spectators gather to watch the zoom of derby contestants race their snowmobile across one of three tracks, culminating in championship races on the final day. Often referred to as the Indy 500 of snowmobiling, this race is as much of a rush for spectators as drivers.

Apostle Islands Dog Sled Race

A truly invigorating Wisconsin winter experience, the Apostle Islands Dog Sled Race showcases the beautiful relationship between man and his best friend. Racing from the edges of the Lake Superior through the snowy crests of Bayfield, this performance of determination, grit and grace is a wonderful sight where teams throw themselves in competition within one of the state’s most awe-inspiring natural landscapes.

Labatt Blue USA Hockey Pond Hockey National Championships

Drawing participants from across the country, this event takes adult hockey players of varying ability levels and thrusts them into the gorgeous winter scenery of Eagle River. With age groups of 21+ all the way up to 60+, the tournament takes life-long hockey fans and puts them out onto the pond ice as if they were kids again.

Polar Bear Swim

Braving freezing temperatures for an exhilarating experience that only happens once a year, hundreds of swimmers plunge into Lake Michigan on New Year’s Day, celebrating the winter season and Wisconsin camaraderie. Continuing this state tradition gives all its cold participants warm memories year after year.

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