Upcoming Events in Eau Claire

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. – A couple of exciting events will be making their way to Eau Claire, Wisconsin soon. The Fireball Run will begin in the Chippewa Valley in late September of 2017, and the National Beep Baseball Association World Series will be hosted at the Eau Claire Soccer Park in early August of 2018.


Fireball Run

Fireball Run is an adventure television series on Amazon.  Participants travel through a particular region of America in search of rare historical artifacts and extraordinary experiences.  The 2017 event begins in Eau Claire at multiple locations throughout the city and Chippewa Valley with participants coming in on Wednesday, September 20 and departing to their next city on Sunday, September 24.

Because of the unique nature of the Fireball Run, and the fact that Eau Claire is the only Wisconsin location that has ever been included in the series, the media coverage is expected to be widespread within the state.

Fireball Run is a mile-for-mile, entertaining and emotional adventure-travel series that educates audiences and inspires travel. This travel series has the mission to assist with missing kids and Child Rescue Network. The Child Rescue Network, a Florida-based 501-c3, assigns each team a child missing from their hometown. Teams are provided 1,000 posters featuring that missing child, to distribute during the live event. Fireball Run’s media campaign has resulted in the successful recovery of 47 missing children.

Contestants are top industry executives, celebrities, and notable elected leaders. Behind the scenes, the production “literally” delivers and introduces industry influencers to places they may have never visited or heard of, to experience personally what makes them unique. Fans can even follow the GPS signal of their favorite team, in real time, as they traverse along a map at

The 11th Season of the Fireball Run will go through the Midwest – starting at Eau Claire, WI.  Other locations featured in the season include Dubuque, IA; Burlington, IA; Ft Dodge, IA; Yankton-Vermillion, SD; Pierre, SD; Rapid City, SD; and Rochester, MN.


National Beep Baseball Association World Series

In the world of Beep Baseball, the NBBA World Series is the most important event of the season. The week-long tournament, which has now spread globally, has taken place annually since 1976 and is held during the last week of July and the first week of August.

The Beep Baseball World Series is the championship event for blind athletes that compete in the sport of baseball.  Visually impaired baseball teams from across the world compete in this end-of-the-year tournament to determine who is the best team.  Any visually impaired baseball team is welcome to compete.

The only non-visually impaired participants on the field are the pitcher and the catcher.  Each pitcher pitches the ball, which beeps, to his own teammates while they are up to bat.  Once the player hits the ball, it is the fielding team's job to track down the ball and gather it before the batter reaches the goal (base).  There are two goals, which are where you'd typically see both first and third base located.  As soon as the batter makes contact with the ball, one of the goals begins to buzz, and the batter runs toward that goal, attempting to make contact with it before the opposing team fields the ball.  If the batter makes it to the goal before the defense gathers the ball, it's counted as a run; if the fielding team has control of the ball before the runner makes it to the goal, it's an out.

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