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Surfing on Lake Michigan
Our beaches are brighter. Our fish are bigger. Our golf is better. Our food is the best! And it's fun to say our name. Try it... She-boy-gan. So how do we Sheboygan? We surf, kite surf, wind surf, sail, kayak, jet ski, boat, bike, hike, climb, race, golf, eat, drink, dance, relax, spa, enjoy. And we fry brats! After all, we are the Bratwurst Capital of the World! Sheboygan County is home to world-class lodging, spas and golf, professional charter fishing, a top motorsports race track, a national sailing center, miles of beautiful sandy beach, the tallest wooden tower in Wisconsin, miles of bike trails, rich nostalgic experiences, internationally inspired culinary activities, eclectic shopping and the world's largest freshwater surfing event. So show us how you Sheboygan. With so much, so close, the possibilities are endless.

Known as "the spirit on the lake," the City of Sheboygan rests on the Lake Michigan shores about halfway along the state's eastern seaboard on Interstate 43. And yes, we said "eastern seaboard." Lake Michigan showcases more than 1,600 miles of coastline, and its sandy white shores break into an exciting experience in Sheboygan. We know Lake Michigan is really an inland sea, and we know what to do with it!

Our own Harbor Centre Marina is a full service, first class rendezvous point with an extensive list of amenities, and best of all, it's affordable. This isn't your average fishing hole either. During the spring and summer months, our charter fishing industry harvests a variety of Coho, Rainbows, Browns and Lake Trout and of course, Chinook - affectionately known as King Salmon. Our shores are known as the "Malibu of the Midwest," and ocean surfers from around the world travel to Sheboygan to test their skills in fresh water. Kite surfers, wind surfers and sailing enthusiasts take advantage of our comfortably breezy conditions and kayakers enjoy the thrill of diversity between the river and lake experience - we have both!

A stone's throw from beautiful beaches, the city explodes into a spirit of adventure and fun. Walk the Riverfront district and saunter through the fishing shanty shops. Stroll over to South Pier and take up a game of mini golf. Rent a bike at EOS and coast through downtown Sheboygan to taste the catch of the day at one of our renowned restaurants. Visit the John Michael Kohler Arts Center for a glimpse into artistry and exhibition you won't see anywhere else. And of course, there's always a festival or two just begging us to lighten up a bit. After all, it's vacation season under the Sheboygan sun!

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